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Gust Equity Management

powerful cap table management + audit-defensible 409A valuations.

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Simply Powerful

Keep a complete history of company ownership, from initial setup to IPO. Every transaction is supported by your legal documents, adjustments take just a few clicks, and we make it easy to get data in and out.
Cap Table Example
"I absolutely love the tight relationship it presents between the transaction and the documentation, as opposed to going into DocuSign and pulling the doc across as a PDF." Joe Grajewski, CFO of Radius Networks

Goodbye spreadsheets. Hello ledger.

Searchable Transaction Log Every transaction is recorded in time, from the first entry through adjustments and transfers.
That makes it easy to audit transactions by searching for a specific person, date or security.

Time Travel

Wondering what your cap table looked like last year? Type in a date to step back in time, or use a slider to watch the evolution of your company ownership.

Quick Data Filters

In a single click you can show or hide unvested options, unissued share totals, retired securities and more.
"The product seems like a perfect way for somebody who doesn't have resources for a bunch of legal help to set up and understand their cap table." Mike Wrather, CEO of Proxxy
Use the data from your cap table to evaluate your next financing, or make sense of convertible notes. See Modeling
Complex Math Made Easy
Now your repurchases, conversions and splits are just a few clicks away instead of a few hours in the formula bar.
Cap Table Glossary
Some terms and rights can be confusing, so we've built a guide to define the words, the math, and how they're used.
Avoid Versioning Nightmares
Enter your data once & share everything, some things, or nothing at all.
Multiple Security Types
All data is conveniently structured to fit your common, preferred, convertibles, debt, options and warrants.
Export Your Data
Love spreadsheets too much to let them go? You can export your cap table and transaction log directly to a CSV file.
Unlimited Cap Table Entries
Our pricing doesn't restrict the number of securities or transactions.

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