Everyone in the know.

Company communication is vital for your investors, advisors, shareholders, board and employees. That's a lot of email addresses. With Gust Equity Management, your contacts are easily organized so you can focus on the messaging.
"Very intuitive SaaS. Great for founders!" Jinger Zeng, CEO of Skyworks
Contact Profiles
Profiles are created for all your contacts that contain personal details, along with what data they can access.
Multiple Email Addresses
Your contacts can set their preferred email address, and we'll route your messages to it.
Formatted Messages
Format your company emails just as you would in your personal email client, and preview before sending.
A Record of Every Email
The history of each message conversation is kept in your account, because each response passes through our mail server.
Group Your Contacts
Group people you often communicate with, such as "Board" or "Investors" to quickly send group emails.
Receive Responses By Email
Messages are unique email threads, so every message can be sent even if the recipients don't have a Gust Equity Management account.