Built to save you time.

Managing your option pool is critical for hiring and retaining members of your team. But it takes time. With Gust Equity Management, just set up your option pool once and for each future grant you'll enter names and amounts. It's almost too easy.
Issue Options
"Solves a serious pain point for us." Andy Wilson, CEO of Logikcull

Stay on the same page with your employees.

Every option holder can follow their vesting progress for each grant, and will have a personal library with final versions of supporting documents. Investor Dashboard
Unlimited Option Holders
Every option holder you invite will have their own account to view data and paperwork, at no extra cost to you.
Personal Documents
When a document is shared, both you & the recipient have personal copies. If you delete yours, they'll still retain theirs.
Option Pool Management
You'll know every detail of your pool, including authorized, unissued, issued, exercised, forfeited, and more.
Automatic Cap Table Entry
When you send an option grant, it will be conveniently added to your cap table with supporting documents attached.
Customized Templates
Upload your standard option agreement and indicate where data will be entered, then we'll fill in the rest.
Quick Bulk Granting
Copy & paste from a spreadsheet directly into our platform, so sending grants in bulk is fast and efficient.