We are thrilled to announce that Preferred Return is now part of Gust Equity Management!

Preferred Return is joining forces with Gust Equity Management to offer modern, powerful cap table management and affordable, audit-defensible 409A valuations for the lowest price in the industry.

Early-stage companies can now manage, model and share their cap table, entirely backed by AICPA-compliant 409A valuations that meet the standards of the Big Four accounting firms. Gust Equity Management is not an SEC registered transfer agent, so is neither the custodian of shares nor does it rely on a startup's lawyer to participate. This keeps control in the hands of the company and not an intermediary platform, avoiding unnecessary gatekeeping while providing robust tools and services that directly serve the company. We are proud to offer early-stage companies powerful cap table management and audit-defensible 409A valuations at the lowest price points in the industry.

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Who is doing my 409A valuation?
The same trusted valuation experts that did your 409A at Preferred Return will still be doing it under Gust Equity Management. So if you already have a contact you know, love and trust at Preferred Return, feel free to reach out to them directly. Gang’s all here!
Is the Preferred Return website going away?
We are in the process of transitioning Preferred Return to Gust Equity Management. In the meantime, you can sign up for cap table management and 409A valuation services from both the Preferred Return and Gust Equity Management websites.
Current Preferred Return clients should continue to log in to their existing Preferred Return account from the Preferred Return website.
Will I be forced to use Gust Equity Management?
No! If you are happy with how your cap table is managed, that is perfectly fine. We'll continue to provide you with audit defensible 409A reports.
I am on Preferred Return but realize I only want cap table management. What should I do?
We are happy to provide you with cap table management only. To sign up for this service exclusively, please get in touch for more information
I am on Gust Equity Management but only want a 409A valuation. Why am I being taken to the Preferred Return website?
Until our transition is complete, if you start on Gust Equity Management but sign up for 409A coverage only, you will be redirected to Preferred Return to complete the signup process.