Free ASC 718 Stock Option Expensing and Disclosures. With one click.

  • Disclosures When you manage and issue your stock options with Gust Equity Management, getting year-end roll-forwards and the required disclosures will be simple and painless. Our reports have endured the scrutiny of Big 4 auditors and regional accounting firms. Say goodbye to endless reconciliations.
  • Journal Entries Get quarterly department-based journal entries and true-up calculations for all of your employees and non-employees. Grant-by-grant Fair Market Value and live Black-Scholes formulas in a downloadable Excel, ready to get tick-and-tied.
  • Valuation Assumptions Leverage our 409A valuation service to get Fair Market Value of stocks, or upload your past Fair Market Value data points. We calculate the relevant volatility, risk-free rate, and all other relevant terms. Audit support included.

Quick, automated ASC 718 reporting - for free.